Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I put "Don't give up" on my to-do list today.
I think so far today I'm succeeding in that particular endeavor as  proceed to cross more measurable goals off my list. I'm working on my painting of my Patrick and there's always this point when I start on an important section, and what's more important than my task for today-his face, where I lay down the colours and as I start working them together and blending to have them form a whole, where they just won't play out how I want. I get incredibly frustrated because here I am, ruining something I've been working so hard on, so proud of, and I'm making a mess of it. However, after despairing for a while at my fiasco of jumbled colours, I keep going, keep putting down colours in each section, despite it not looking perfect right away. And, lo and behold, after labouring over it, redoing parts over and over, it looks just how I wanted it to, better than I would have settled for in my moment of hopeless resign. I just need to remember, the messay disorder of things half-done is impermanent and doesn't reflect the outcome. Great  concept to live by, I've always been told, like in "Rainbow", a song Patrick wrote for me--First comes the rain, then comes the rainbow--
You didn't get to see my rain of muddled colours, which is all well and good because it was pretty ugly, but when the painting is finished, I'll post a picture up here. 

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