Thursday, February 19, 2009

Changes In Habits

I've decided to make some simple changes in my routine, mostly making time for things I need to prioritize to really seize every day and maximize my creativity, productivity, and overall health and happiness. I'm very happy as is, but I feel like a few changes in habits will better every day, so at the end of the day I will never look back and wonder what I did, and I will feel my best.

1) Actively work on art projects, and start new ones. Always be starting new things, exploring new mediums and ideas, but also finish everything you start--work consistantly, don't not work on a piece for a whole week. Work for longer stretches when you can, and for as many short periods of time in between things as possible so it will not take so long to finish everything. I need to be creating constantly if I want to grow as an artist. I have been working very hard lately, and I want to continue this, and improve on habits of taking breaks from pieces and then making it weeks before they're done. 
2) Stop wasting time on Facebook that I could spend doing something that makes me happy and is not so useless. I can check it once an evening from now on, no more.
3) Write more. Here to just get my thoughts out and feel motivated or feel whatever I am at the moment. And write more poetry, I haven't in a while and I miss it.
4) Do my knee exercises three times a day so I can recover quickly and be walking soon. I can control how fast I heal by speeding it up through strengthening, so I think that is something I should really prioritize.
5) Start yoga classes in a few weeks. It will be nice to do something active besides my exercises and it  helps my mind as well as my body. I don't have a lot of stress, but I think it will keep me very relaxed and help my knee as well. And I like to be a healthy person, but I don't exercise, and this is the one kind of physical activity I like, so I should do it. 
6) Eat more vegetables than I do now, and less junk.
7) Bring my eco water bottle to school everyday so I'm drinking enough water.

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